How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends? Detailed Guide

To help your homeschooled child make new friends, you can use the crisscross method, join interesting clubs, attend community events, go on field trips, or allow socializing over the Internet. While it may seem challenging at first, taking the first step such as communicating with like-minded people can be beneficial.

However, there are more ways your child can make friends as a homeschooler. To know all about them and other relevant factors, explore the whole article. 

Key Takeaways

  • Your child can make friends as a homeschooler using the crisscross method. Other effective ways are engaging in sports activities, joining clubs, attending community events, and making friends online.
  • Homeschooling can negatively affect socializing as homeschooled kids do not have proper exposure to diverse cultures and have reduced interaction with other students.
  • Though socializing may seem tough for introverts, taking the first step such as introducing yourself can be very helpful for building new friendships.

How Can Your Child Make Friends As A Homeschooler?

There are several effective ways your child can make friends as a homeschooler. This section provides an in-depth discussion of how someone can build friendships even though they are homeschooled.

Use of Criss Crossing Method:

It is the way first to pick a few kids/friends or people that you wanna influence or hang out with and see what they are doing; they might be enrolled in a coop or a summer camp or part of some community. 

Just figure out where they are hanging on different occasions and get your kid enrolled in the same activity. In such a way, he will be in interaction with them a couple of times a week.

The idea is that meeting with new kids once or twice a month can’t move the needle, and your kid will end up frustrated. In order to make friends, he/she needs to meet those kids frequently, at least 2-3 times a week.

Churches often have youth groups for people aged 14 – 18, which makes them the perfect place for homeschoolers looking for friends their age who share similar values. Being part of your local church will help build community ties and friendships with other families as well as yourself.

Engage in Sports Activities:

Homeschoolers are often involved in sports such as soccer, baseball, and martial arts. Try to join a sports league or activity with other homeschoolers. If you don’t like playing sports, you can always volunteer as an assistant.

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Join A Homeschool Choir Or Band:

Such activities for homeschooled children, like joining something like a chorus or band at school are some of the best ways to make friends. There are even some schools and communities that have homeschool bands and choirs!

Along with music and singing, meeting and making friends go hand in hand.

Go To Church Together:

Churches often have youth groups for people aged 14 – 18, which makes them the perfect place for homeschoolers looking for friends their age who share similar values. Being part of your local church will help build community ties and friendships with other families as well as yourself.

Go To Community Events!

Many cities have community centers where homeschoolers can meet up and hang out with other kids their age. It can be quite fun, especially if you go with your parents or family friends. There are also many homeschool conventions that happen around the country, which might be a great opportunity to make new friends as well as learn about other homeschooling families in your area.

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Form A Homeschooling Group:

The fifth and decent way to how do homeschoolers to make friends.

If there aren’t any other homeschoolers in your community, don’t worry; you can always start one yourself! It’s very easy to set up and requires little effort on your part. This is the way to go if you want to make friends with other kids who are also interested in homeschooling.

Get Involved With Theater Or Acting:

Homeschoolers who are part of their school’s drama department might find that it’s an area to meet other homeschoolers and possibly even start friendships.

Furthermore, acting can also help to boost your self-esteem and emotional intelligence.

Make Friends Online:

There are lots of forums, chat rooms, and websites that cater to homeschoolers in your city or town. You might also want to check to see if there are specific Facebook pages for different cities’ homeschooling communities. 

People who like the page will often share things like events they’re attending or sports leagues they’re joining. This is a great way for you to meet new friends online.

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Go On Field Trips:

There are many homeschooling conventions that might have field trips you can be part of or classes that take place outside of school hours to learn about things like art, history, science, etc., which might help to spark new friendships along the way.

Get Involved At Your Library:

Many public libraries have rooms that they rent out for children’s events or birthday parties; if there aren’t other homeschoolers in your area, this would be a great way to spread the word about starting a local homeschool program and community. 

Your local library also likely has very affordable programs and classes where you can socialize with other kids your age, learn about new literature and research skills, and gain participation points for future participation in a homeschooling program.

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Go To A Park:

Hanging out by the local playground or going on a hike might help you meet like-minded people who are also looking for friendships outside their homeschool group. Plus, it’s free fun that won’t take up very much of your time; what could be better than that?

Join After-School Activities:

Even though you’re homeschooled it doesn’t mean you can’t join sports teams or other clubs at your public high school (if there is one). Many high schools have community groups where kids come together to play games or do activities together in an extracurricular setting. 

There are also many homeschool co-ops or support groups in areas with high homeschool populations with sports teams, clubs, and other ways to meet people in your area who are also looking for new friends!

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Start A Blog Or Channel:

One of the best ways to meet homeschoolers online is to start a homeschool blog or channel and share your journey.

A blog is basically an online diary about whatever subject interests you. If there’s anything you’re crazy about or just can’t stop talking about, blogging or making videos on YouTube is a great way to share it with the world while simultaneously creating opportunities for online friendships to form with people who have similar interests.

Check Out Meetups:

There are many different groups on Meetup, but my favorite is the ones that list things like local hikes, museum trips, etc.

You can find these groups by doing a Google search for “homeschool + the name of your city” or by clicking on the Events tab on Meetup’s homepage.

Group Lessons:

One of the best ways for homeschoolers to make friends is to sign them up for group lessons. It could be anything from sports to music to dance and art classes. Many affordable options are available, and this is a great way for kids to meet other kids with similar interests.

How Does Homeschooling Affect Socialization?

While educating your child, you may wonder whether homeschooling affects your child socially. Homeschooling comes with notable drawbacks, with one being the reduced opportunities for socializing and peer interaction. 

Homeschooled students may not have the chance to participate in extracurricular activities, sports teams, and social gatherings. This limited social exposure can negatively affect the development of social skills and the ability to form friendships.

Another downside of homeschooling is the lack of exposure to a diverse range of perspectives and cultures. 

Homeschooled students may have limited access to varied viewpoints and life experiences, potentially leading to a narrow-minded outlook and a lack of cultural awareness.

Moreover, homeschooling has the potential to lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Without regular interactions with classmates and teachers, homeschooled students may experience isolation and a sense of detachment from their peers. These feelings of loneliness can have adverse effects on their mental health and overall well-being.

How to Make Friends As An Introvert?

Making friends will initially seem tough and complicated, especially when someone is an introvert. However, once you get started, it will become easier and more fun. The key is to take that first step such as introducing yourself. Once this happens, your child will have a whole group of friends.

I can bet there are many more homeschooled families in your neighborhood, especially if you live in the United States or the Kingdom. You may go to the park and library every day, but have you ever tried to figure out who else is out there pursuing homeschooling?

Well, the other side is that you’re not isolated to making homeschooled friends, it could be anyone. Just get out there, meet new people, and be open to possibilities.

A great way to meet new people is to do something in your area that is unique and not too mainstream. It could be starting a homeschooling book club, chess club, or even a baking group.

The point is to find something that you and your child are passionate about and use that as a way to connect with others. This is also a great way to make friends with families who share your values and beliefs.

You can also join some sports clubs, or if you are artistically inclined, you can join an art or theater group. There are many options available, and it really depends on what you and your child are interested in.

How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Online School Better For Introverts?

Online school offers numerous benefits to introverts by supporting their unique learning preferences and individual traits. This format allows them to learn at their own pace and engage in communication methods that align with their comfort levels.

Do Homeschoolers Get Lonely?

It’s possible to feel lonely when you’re homeschooled, just like it’s possible to feel lonely when you go to a conventional school. So, it does not necessarily mean all homeschoolers are lonely. In this digital age, people make friendships over the internet way more often than traditional methods.

What Do You Do When Your Child Has No Friends?

The best thing you can do is to encourage your child to be outgoing and to try new things. Try joining a homeschooling group or taking classes at the community center. You can also reach out to other families who homeschool and see if they want to get together for playdates or outings.


Hopefully, now you have a good idea about how homeschoolers make friends. Making friends as a homeschooler can be tough, but it is possible. It just takes a little bit of effort and consistency. 

If you’re a mom and wondering why your homeschooler needs socialization, I realized it’s equally important as academic learning and a perfect balance is badly needed here.

As a parent, you are responsible for providing your children with opportunities to socialize. You can do this by making sure what types of companionship you want for your kid or for you, finding like-minded people, looking for where they are hanging, and approaching them on different occasions.

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