6 Best Game Based Learning Platforms in 2024

Our research has led us to the following 6 game based learning platforms that deserve your attention:

Game based learning platforms Unique Features Price 
Mrs Wordsmith Feature hilarious illustrations and a fun way of learning  Click here
Kahoot Best for beginners Click here
Quizizz Appealing quiz creation format, open for all without any cost Click here
Gimkit Opportunity to earn money by answering the right answerClick here
Blooket Totally free for teachers Click here
Quizlet Offers a variety of study modes, including flashcards, learn, test, and matchClick here

6 Best Game Based Learning Platforms

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at each game based learning platform and find out how can you choose the best one for you!

Mrs Wordsmith: 


  • Offers two age-specific options, the Social Journey for young children (2+) and the Narrative Journey for older kids (6-13)
  • Colorful and humorous presentation that captures children’s attention and motivates them to learn
  • Includes workbooks, and word pair cards, that encourage the use of a wider range of descriptive words in writing
  • Offers both upfront purchase and monthly subscription options
  • Enhances academic and social-emotional development
  • Designed with clear layouts, that make it easy for children to follow independently
  • Designed with clear layouts, that make it easy for children to follow independently
  • Offers additional information and subscription options on the official website


  • Not suitable for advanced kids
  • Sometimes challenging for struggling readers
  • Available only as a subscription, which might not be affordable for all families
  • Less Interactive, visual learning is required, not structured, and not personalized
  • Also, might not be effective for kids who require immediate feedback

Why Get Mrs. Wordsmith:

It offers a systematic way to improve English skills. This covers reading, speaking, listening, grammar, and writing. It’s designed to help all students make progress.

Mrs. Wordsmith’s pedagogy focuses on game based learning, visual learning, and spaced repetition, which is a really effective way.

This platform also provides clear plans to enhance English outcomes. Reading aloud is a key part of Wordsmith, and it includes high-quality texts that serve as great examples for children’s writing.

The program is designed to make learning engaging, fun, and effective with gamified material. It focuses on building a strong vocabulary foundation, which is crucial for children’s academic and social development. 

The program includes daily word activities, colorful illustrations, and interactive cards. Mrs. Wordsmith is suitable for both parents and teachers and provides a practical solution for improving children’s language skills.

However, advanced learners won’t get much benefitted from Mrs. Wordsmith. And it’s only available for subscribed users. So, if you like to experiment with various possibilities through free options, it won’t serve your purpose.

Mrs. Wordsmith
Source: educationtechnologysolutions



  • Immediate virtual interactive quizzes
  • Activities designed by instructors
  • Activities initiated by students
  • Assessments of knowledge, both in-class and online
  • Engaging activities for employees and teams during meetings
  • Projects and presentations
  • Corporate training for businesses
  • Team-building exercises
  • You can create flashcards for studying!


  • No option to rectify accidental wrong answers
  • Restricted question space
  • Complexity in screening inappropriate names and responses

Why get the Kahoot:

Kahoot annually engages over 1 billion players across educational, professional, and personal settings and help students learn effectively and enjoyably. It stands as one of the most widely recognized platforms in the realm of game based learning. This platform also offers a free plan with daily learning interactive challenges.

It provides a user-friendly approach to creating and conducting educational games. If you’re seeking a starting point for game-based learning, Kahoot would be the perfect one. Because of its exceptionally intuitive interface, accessible to users of all levels.

This game based learning platform serves as educational technology, widely employed in schools and educational institutions. Its educational interactive quizzes, known as “Kahoots,” consist of multiple-choice questions created by users, accessible through a browser tool or the Kahoot!

Kahoot offers diverse game modes adaptable for various purposes whereas Mrs. Wordsmith prioritizes vocabulary and language skill development. Furthermore, Mrs. Wordsmith’s program is only available via subscription, whereas Kahoot is a web-based platform accessible through computers and mobile devices.



  • Academic review and exam readiness
  • Digital assignments and evaluations
  • Collaborative and individual learning
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Reinforcing teaching within and beyond the classroom
  • Peer-led or supported learning
  • Create interactive quizzes


  • Contains advertising content
  • Possess some security issues. Often Public disclosure of personal names

Why get the Quizizz:

I have consistently chosen Quizizz as one of my top choices. There is something appealing about the quiz creation format. Furthermore, students can progress at their own pace and finish assignments when it is suitable for them.

Quizzes are presented in a game show-style format in this tool. Through an access code, students enter a quiz on their device or computer and view both questions and answers. A vast database of searchable quizzes is available, and educators can utilize existing ones or customize them to suit their requirements.

Quizizz operates as an open-source tool, accessible to all users at no cost. Quizizz offers a student-paced experience, preventing frustration due to device loading delays in competitive scenarios. In contrast, Kahoot delivers a synchronized experience, enabling simultaneous responses and providing instant feedback to all participants concurrently.



  • Easy to use and lunching live games
  • A user-friendly interface with clearly marked steps assists in creating a Kit successfully
  • Playing live or practicing independently
  • Minimal setup required
  • Great for K-12 students with easy controls


  • Player limit for free users like 500 for live games, and 60 for 2D games
  • More players need a strong internet
  • Only best for K-12, not higher ed and business

Why get the Gimkit: 

Gimkit is a game based learning platform where students answer questions and compete. It is designed for educators and students in a classroom setting, likely focused on middle school and high school levels.  

A cool twist is that they earn money for the right answers and buy power-ups for more fun. Besides answering questions quickly, there are extra modes like Team Mode, Trust No One, and The Floor is Lava.

Gimkit allows educators to create their own quiz content, enabling tailored learning experiences. The platform is intended to enhance student engagement through gamification, offering features like rewards and progression tracking. Gimkit offers features like live leaderboard updates, making it competitive and exciting for students.

However, there have been specific criticisms related to the quality and clarity of math questions on the platform. 

Actually, Quizizz provides a student-paced environment, preventing frustration due to slow device loading during competition. On the other hand, Gimkit is an engaging and interactive platform. That boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures swift feedback for both teachers and students.

Source: mashupmath



  • Great to create unique visual themes and gameplay types
  • Fun and interactive way to present classroom contents
  • A great community of modern educators and students
  • Accessible even outside of the class
  • Can be used to buy various power-ups, making it a motivating feature for students


  • Limited to multiple-choice questions
  • Sometimes the content may not be appropriate for all, ages
  • Only your own sets of questions can be edited
  • In the absence of a variety of questions, learning can be limited in its style

Why Get the Blooket: 

Blooket is an online gamification solution designed for educational purposes. It offers a wide range of interactive activities to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Teachers can use Blooket to create engaging games for their students, fostering healthy competition and motivation for learning. 

Blooket is versatile and can be used for individual or group play, making it suitable for various classroom settings. One of its notable features is the ability to import content from Quizlet, saving teachers time in creating study materials. 

Despite Blooket’s effectiveness and ease of use, some users wish for more game options and teacher diagnostic tools. 

Overall, Blooket is considered a valuable tool for educators looking to make learning fun and engaging. With Blooket, you can present classroom content in a fun and engaging way while creating memorable experiences.

Gimkit empowers educators to craft tech-driven games with advantages like student-paced interaction. Also, it has captivating music, witty memes, and an enjoyable, engaging experience.

Blooket, on the other hand, facilitates student progress assessment through comprehensive game reports. That aids in the evaluation of learning outcomes.



  • One of the most effective learning tools
  • Easy to navigate and create materials
  • Offers a vast range of study resources
  • Helps to improve memory retention
  • Offers an outstanding free version 
  • Can be used for self-study and personal development
  • Helps to incorporate collaboration and teamwork skills


  • Ads may divert students’ attention
  • Incorrect information might be absorbed
  • Quizlet could be misused for cheating
  • May not be suitable for all subjects or topics

Why Get the Quizlet: 

Students and educators use Quizlet to practice and master their educational material. Students and teachers can create accounts on Quizlet using “study sets” that organize information.

Upon logging into Quizlet, students can choose the study sets they wish to explore. It is possible for instructors to create these sets or for users to generate them. Its versatility and adaptability make Quizlet suitable for all grades and types of classes.

Whether you teach middle school career readiness or high school health science, Quizlet is ready to assist your students. 

As a matter of fact, Quizlet is an easy tool for students to study and learn. Teachers can make flashcards, games, and more. Most of it is self-paced, but there’s Quizlet Live for interactive games, similar to other websites mentioned earlier. 

Blooket offers educators the means to evaluate student progress through game reports. That enables comprehensive learning assessments.

Similarly, Quizlet permits users to monitor their learning progress and review their study history. That simplifies the process of evaluating their educational achievements.

What to Look at When Choosing a Game-Based Learning Platform 

You can not just randomly pick a game-based learning platform. When choosing a game-based learning platform, here are some factors to consider.

Educational Value: 

Platforms that provide accurate content and align with educational standards are the best. So, always pick the platform that offers educational games aligned with your curriculum or learning objectives. The content should be relevant to the subjects and topics you intend to teach or learn.

Easy to Use:

Providing ease of use makes the platform accessible to learners of all abilities and learning styles. Complex or confusing interfaces can lead to frustration among learners and educators.

So, an intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that learners of all ages and technical backgrounds can easily navigate the platform. This accessibility is particularly important in educational settings, where learners may have varying levels of technology.

A platform that is easy to use fosters a positive learning experience. If learners aren’t frustrated by complex or confusing interfaces, they are more likely to engage and enjoy learning.

Progress Tracking: 

Seek a platform capable of monitoring student advancement and pinpointing areas in which students excel. Progress tracking allows educators to assess how well students are mastering the content. This enables targeted interventions by offering perspectives into what the participants have mastered and where they may be having difficulty.

Educators can make smart conclusions about teaching methods by monitoring progress. Also, it enables the customization of learning experiences. In fact, When students can see their progress and achievements, it can boost their motivation and engagement.


Seek a platform that enables customization, allowing you to adapt the game-based learning experience according to your student’s specific requirements. 

Customization allows you to align the educational games with your specific learning objectives and curriculum. Every class or student group is unique, with distinct capabilities, learning methods, and interests. Customization can also address the diverse needs of learners, including those with disabilities. 


Engaged learners are more likely to retain information and concepts. Game-based learning platforms that prioritize student engagement can lead to better educational outcomes as students are actively participating and absorbing content.

Also, engaging games stimulate curiosity and motivation. Engaging gameplay keeps learners focused and immersed in the learning process. In fact, engagement options can include competitive elements or collaborative features.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is game based learning?

Game based learning employs games to bolster and enrich the learning experience. Using both digital and non-digital games and simulations, students can actively participate in their education.

Why use game based learning?

Utilizing game based learning fosters enhanced creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in young learners. In this approach, instructors empower students to generate solutions and ideas, thereby elevating their creativity.

What are the barriers to game based learning?

Barriers to game based learning can be categorized into external and internal factors. Insufficient technological resources and accessibility limitations. Negative viewpoints from administrators and parents. Technical hurdles confronted by educators executing game-based learning are the external factors. 


Hopefully, you got to know the best game-based learning platforms

All of them are good for spreading education. Game based learning offers an engaging and dynamic educational experience, enhancing knowledge retention and elevating learning outcomes. You need to choose any of them according to your preferences and needs.

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