Best Pacifier Clip for Avent Soothie: Review

If you’re a parent seeking a reliable solution to keep your baby’s pacifier secure and within reach, look no further. We’ve researched and compiled a list of top-quality pacifier clips that are specifically designed for Avent Soothie pacifiers.

For choosing the best pacifier clip for avent soothie you can go for the following options

  • Brown’s Advantage Pacifier Clip for the most comfortable pacifier clip
  • PandEar Baby Pacifier Clip if you are looking for the most budget-friendly pacifier clip
  • MAM Pacifier Clip for its feature as a Universal Pacifier Clip
  • Booginhead Pacifier Clip if you want a pacifier clip with the best grip

Along with this, we have also included a detailed buying guide that will help you to choose the best pacifier clip. So let’s start exploring your options!

Top Pacifier Clip for Avent Soothie

Best Pacifier Clip for Avent Soothie

The table below shows the top picks for pacifier clips that are suitable for avent soothie. The pacifier clip material has also been included.

Best Pacifier ClipUnique FeaturePrice
Brown’s Advantage Pacifier ClipMost Comfortable Pacifier ClipCheck Price
PandEar Baby Pacifier ClipMost Budget Friendly Pacifier ClipCheck Price
MAM Pacifier ClipBest Universal Pacifier ClipCheck Price
Booginhead Pacifier ClipPacifier Clip with the Best GripCheck Price

From the table, it is clear that Brown’s Advantage is the top choice for its comfort to the user. PandEar is the most budget-friendly and MAM is the best universal pacifier clip. Let’s get into the details of each of these pacifier clips. 

Brown’s Advantage Pacifier Clip:

Most Comfortable Pacifier Clip:


  • Style: Ribbon Style
  • Material: BPA Free Plastic


  • Does not Smell
  • Taste Free
  • BPA-free
  • Developed by a Pediatric Dentist


  • Water tends to leak into the pacifier

The best pacifier clip for Avent Soothie offers a ribbon-style design, made from BPA-free plastic. It excels in functionality and safety, with several notable advantages. Firstly, it doesn’t have any smell or taste, ensuring a pleasant experience for your baby.

Additionally, being BPA-free adds another layer of reassurance. What sets it apart is that it’s developed by a pediatric dentist, guaranteeing its quality. However, it’s important to note that some users reported water leakage into the pacifier, which may require attention.

Designed for babies aged 0 to 6 months, it comes with a pack that includes two blue-colored pacifiers adorned with captivating stars, planets, and rockets. These symmetrical soothers can be used both right side up and upside down, thanks to their reversible bulb. 

The bulb, made of sturdy and soft silicone, stimulates your baby’s sucking reflex due to its rounded shape. 

Furthermore, its innovative shield design allows your baby’s delicate skin to breathe, minimizing irritation. The pacifier clip, featuring a unique closed-loop design, securely fastens to your baby’s high-quality pacifiers with its strong and durable rust-proof metal clasp. 

Cleaning these pacifiers is effortless, as they are dishwasher-safe (top rack) and can be sterilized in an electric sterilizer or microwave. Enjoy the convenience of a taste-free, odor-free, and BPA-free pacifier clip, ensuring your baby’s comfort and well-being. 

The fully symmetrical soother allows for reversible positioning, accommodating your baby’s preferences. The 100% silicone bulb, with its rounded shape, satisfies your baby’s suckling reflexes. Moreover, the unique shield design enhances breathability and reduces skin irritation. 

These pacifiers come in two stages, perfectly sized to grow with your baby. With their closed-loop design and strong metal clasp, the pacifier clips are safely secure to your baby’s pacifier. Embrace ease and hygiene by safely cleaning them in the dishwasher (top rack) or sterilizing them using an electric sterilizer or microwave.

So, Brown’s Advantage Paper Clip is a good choice for avent soothe. 

PandEar Baby Pacifier Clip:

Most Affordable Pacifier Clip:


  • Style: Ribbon Style
  • Material: Polyester


  • PVC free
  • BPA free
  • Free from lead
  • No Latex
  • Does not have any harmful metals and chemicals
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Phthalate free


  • Too easy to pull the clip off from the strap
  • A bit noisier to open and close the clip 

The PandEar Baby Pacifier Clip is a budget-friendly option for keeping your baby’s pacifier secure. Crafted with a ribbon-style design using polyester material, this clip offers a range of features worth considering.

This pacifier clip is PVC-free, BPA-free, and free from lead, ensuring the safety of your little one. It is also latex-free, providing peace of mind for those with latex sensitivities. 

Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful metals or chemicals, prioritizing your baby’s health. The sturdy and durable construction ensures long-lasting use, while the phthalate-free composition adds to its safety.

Some users have reported that the clip is too easy to pull off from the strap, which may require occasional readjustment. Additionally, compared to other clips, this one may produce a bit more noise when opening and closing.

Available in a pack of four beautiful and neutral colors, this pacifier holder clip features a strong polyester lace loop that fits various types of pacifiers. Not limited to pacifiers alone, it can also hold teething rings, drool bibs, and burp cloths, offering versatility. 

The food-grade plastic clasp on the strap is both strong and durable, ensuring a secure attachment while being gentle on your baby’s clothing.

Crafted with safety in mind, the lightweight strap is made from a single layer of soft polyester fabric, measuring just 1mm thick. It is durable and can be easily hand washed for convenience. 

With its rust-proof design and absence of sharp edges or small parts, there are no choking hazards to worry about. 

The shorter length of 7.9 inches ensures sanitary and safe use, preventing the risk of strangulation or dragging the pacifier on the ground.

In addition to its features, the PandEar company makes a positive impact by donating 50 cents from every purchase to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, supporting children fighting cancer.

To open the clip, simply push up on the lever located at the back. While it may produce slightly more noise compared to other plastic clips, it securely holds onto clothing without the need for metal parts. 

With its polyester ribbon and loop attachment, the PandEar Baby Pacifier Clip offers a reliable and charitable option for pacifier management.

In summary, the PandEar Baby Pacifier Clip combines affordability, functionality, and safety. Its PVC-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free composition, along with its sturdy construction, make it a suitable choice for parents seeking a reliable pacifier clip.

By supporting a charitable cause and providing a versatile design, PandEar offers a solution that helps you to stop getting frustrated with your children

MAM Pacifier Clip:

Best Universal Clip:


  • Style: Ribbon Style
  • Material: Plastic


  • BPS- Free
  • BPA- Free
  • Easy to Use


  • A ring that clips around the pacifier is rigid

The Best Universal Clip is a versatile and practical solution for keeping pacifiers secure and within reach.

Designed in a ribbon style, this clip is made from durable plastic, offering a range of features worth considering. MAM Pacifier Clip is BPS- and BPA-free, ensuring your baby’s safety. It is also easy to use, providing convenience for parents and caregivers.

Some users have noted that the ring that clips around the pacifier can be rigid, which may affect flexibility.

This pack includes two boy pacifier clips with flexible plastic fasteners and rings, making them compatible with any pacifier. Whether your pacifier has a ribbon or a ring, this clip will securely attach to your baby’s clothes without causing damage. 

It effectively holds pacifiers and teethers, preventing them from falling on the floor and becoming dirty.

The safety-tested pacifier clip features a high-quality sliding plastic lock, allowing for easy attachment and detachment with just one hand. It is free of sharp edges, ensuring your baby’s safety during use. 

Additionally, this multifunctional and lightweight pacifier clip is washable and conforms to U.S. and European safety standards.

The clip that attaches the MAM pacifier to your baby’s clothes is a large plastic clip with a slider. While it may appear clunky, it passes the ‘yank’ test, ensuring a secure attachment. 

The design of the clip prioritizes safety, as it has no sharp corners or hard edges. This feature provides peace of mind even if your baby comes into contact with the clip during use.

Booginhead Pacifier Clip:

Pacifier Clip with the Best Grip:


  • Style: Ribbon Style
  • Material: Polyester


  • Maintains tight grip
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Easy to Wash


  • The most costly option on the list

The Booginhead Soother Clip is a reliable and stylish option for keeping pacifiers secure and within reach. With a ribbon-style design and made from polyester material, this clip offers a range of features worth considering.

The Booginhead Soother Clip features a stainless steel clip with plastic teeth inside, ensuring a tight grip on your baby’s clothes. This secure attachment prevents the pacifier from falling and getting dirty. 

Available in a wide variety of colors and prints, you can choose the style that matches your preferences.

When it comes to cleaning, simply use gentle soap on the ribbon, taking care to keep the metal clip dry. Lay it flat to allow it to dry out completely. This easy washing process ensures hygienic and long-lasting use.

It’s important to note that the Booginhead Soother Clip is a higher-priced option than others on the list. However, its durability and reliability make it a worthy investment.

In short, the Booginhead Soother Clip provides a secure grip on your baby’s clothes, ensuring the pacifier stays in place. With a wide variety of colors and prints, it offers style choices to suit your preferences. 

While it may be a costlier option, its durability and ease of washing make it a valuable accessory for pacifier management. Choose the Booginhead Soother Clip for a practical and stylish solution to keep your baby’s pacifier secure

Buying Guide for the Best Pacifier Clip for Avent Soothie

Along with having a good bottle for messy eaters and pacifier, it is important to look for the ideal pacifier clip. If you are looking for the best pacifier clip to avent soothie then there are a few factors to keep in mind. 

You need to think about the compatibility, airflow, safety of the clip, its durability, and how it is to clean it. Let’s go through each of these factors one by one. 


You need to check if the pacifier clip is compatible to work with the Avent Soothie. Some brands such as Booginhead and Avent will be compatible with Avent soothies. 

Apart from that, look for reviews online. Guidelines such as this will be helpful to find out which pacifier clips are compatible with Avent soothie. 


It is important to consider airflow while choosing the pacifier clip to avent soothie. Since avent soothie has small holes on its side for the airflow. So, get a clip that will not block the airflow.  

Normally, cotton rope or clips designed to work with avent soothie are perfect options to consider. 


Always check if the pacifier clip is following safety standards. These must follow the basic safety standard for the baby’s health. Some of the important points to consider are 

  • String, cord, or ribbon attachment should always be less than 7 to 8 inches long. This is to avoid any cases of choking hazards.
  • Better to avoid trinkets and beads attached to the strap because they can be a choking hazard.
  • Go for a Braided or rope-style strap.
  • Make sure that the metal is rust proof
  • Pacifier clips must not be longer than 22cm
  • Check the label if it complies with the regulations mandated by the CPSIA


Durability is a factor that shows how much longer the pacifier clip is going to last. You need a strong clip as it will be attached to the baby’s clothing quite safely. Better clipping to the baby’s clothing means that the pacifier has a low risk of falling to the ground and getting lost. 

Beyond that durable clipless can also withstand regular use. No matter how many times you wash it, it will still show rigidity and stay clipped to the baby’s clothing, 

Normally, a clip that is made with high-quality materials such as metals or organic cotton will be less likely to break down or wear out. 

But the best part is that a pacifier clip that is durable and well-made will give you a piece of mind. Because you will know that the baby’s pacifier is secure and safe to use. 

Easy to Clean:

Make sure to get a pacifier clip that can be cleaned easily and also dry quickly.  This is important because, through long use, a pacifier can have bacteria and germs in it. 

These can cause infection and this is why it is important to keep them cleaned all the time. This is to prevent the spread of illness. 

A pacifier that is easy to clean will be much more hygienic and safer for the baby to use. On the other hand, a pacifier that is difficult to clean will be damaged or worn out quickly. This means the pacifier’s lifespan and effectiveness will be reduced. 


When it comes to style, I recommend you go for ribbon-type pacifier clips. Silicone bead type although can be used, might be a choking hazard. 

Apart from that choosing a pacifier clip that goes along with the baby’s outfit can be a fun and cute addition. 

A well-designed or stylish pacifier clip can be a good gift for new parents. Sometimes, the style of the pacifier clip will also impact the functionality. Too heavy, it might be uncomfortable for the baby, too loose, it might not even hold the pacifier properly. 

So, style is an important factor in choosing a pacifier clip. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Possible to Use a Silicone Bead Pacifier for Avent Soothie? 

Yes, it is possible to use a silicone bead pacifier to avent soothie. Avent soothies are made with medical grade silicone and due to their unique one-piece design, these are easy to clean. So, that means a silicone bead pacifier can be used easily. Although a ribbon-type pacifier is normally the go-to choice for avent soothie. 

Can BPA – Free Pacifier Clips be Used for Avent Soothie? 

Yes, BPA- free pacifier clips can be used to avent soothie. This is because some parents have found that universal pacifier clips are compatible with Avent Soothie.If you are looking for an option, then choose Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder as it is BPA-free. 

Can Pacifier Clips be Used on Avent Soothie for Babies Allergic to Latex? 

Yes, pacifier clips can be used on Avent Soothie for babies allergic to latex. Because there are pacifier clips made with materials like organic cotton, bamboo fiber, and plastic. You will also find pacifiers labeled ‘latex-free’ or ‘non-toxic’. So check the labels and choose a latex-free pacifier clip if the baby is allergic to latex. 


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best pacifier clip for Avent Soothie, it is crucial to prioritize your baby’s safety and convenience. 

With our expert recommendations and top picks, you can ensure that your little one’s pacifier stays attached. Always make sure to invest in a reliable pacifier clip for peace of mind and hassle-free time.

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